Pine Chemicals Association International

The Pine Chemicals Association International (PCA) is recognized as a global leader representing, supporting and advocating for the value of Pine Chemicals as bio-renewable and sustainable products. The association is a non-profit entity with members who are producers, processors, traders, and consumers of chemicals derived from pine trees, a renewable resource.


PCA publications serve as educational resources on the technology, production, chemistry, processing, recovery and utilization of crude tall oil and crude sulfate turpentine. Naval Stores Production-Chemistry-Utilization, Tall Oil and its Uses and Sulfate Turpentine Recovery are several publications available in our online store

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Relevant resources to increase awareness and engagement are valuable tools for navigating the ever changing challenges within the industry by sharing best practices, global industry impact studies, standard test methods, regulatory guidance documents, conference presentations, statistical and other data

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Major shifts in global supply, intrusion of low cost competitive substitutes, governmental mandates and global regulatory challenges bring an increasing awareness of the global availability of raw materials and renewable products. Historical data provides insight on the direction of the industry and areas that need to be monitored

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